Hire Options

Please enquire to discuss your event needs. We offer a wide range of set ups and are felexible to your requirements.

Cash Bar

Guests pay the bar staff for their own drinks. For this type of service we will require a Temporary Events Notice so give us plenty of time and we will arrange this for you.

Pre-Paid Bar Tab

We create a pre-paid bar tab with the limit you decide. Our tills will keep a record of all drinks sold until the pre-paid limit is reached. We will then revert to a cash bar so your guest can continue to enjoy your event while paying for their own drinks thereafter.

Pre-Paid Tokens

You pre-pay for Tokens which can be redeemed at the bar for dinks. This allows you to take advantage of a mix between pre-payed and cash bar; you distribute the tokens to selected guests while allowing others to pay.

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