Exceed Expectations with Event Hire

The Oxford Rose creates a memorable experience for all.

Rosie can serve cooled draught and bottled beverages from her quality sheltered bar on the lower deck. She is also equipped with a modern barista and fully trained professional staff.

The classy Upper Deck lounge area with modern seating, sound system WIFI and LED lighting creates a great atmosphere.

Outside in the Rose Garden, a distinctive white picket fence enclosed social space, the large canopy and classy garden furniture provides a great place to mingle and network.

Our team are keen to design the Oxford Rose experience that enhances your event. We will work with you and sponsors to assist with promotions in addition to utilising the available brand spaces incorporated in the Oxford Rose. We are proud to offer flexibility and happy to work together to ensure your requirements are met to the highest standard.

The Oxford Rose will help you make a statement at your event, contact us for more information.

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